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Artevelde will point you
in the right direction

“Would you like to know more about the true Jacob? Well you don’t need to worry about that any more. Just come to the centre of Ghent. I will take you for a walk to the most beautiful parts of the city named after me.”

“In those times I handed out sheets there – I was unsurprisingly a cloth merchant. And I enjoyed a promenade through the streets. It wasn’t quite as clean as it is now, but you could still race through town on your horse-drawn cart to complete your commissions. It’s all a bit different these days with the low commission zone, or whatever they call it.”

“But yes, it is the modern age and I have to embrace evolution. This is why I won’t be coming on the Artevelde walk myself; I have to go to England — in recent years they have been making some noise about trade with European regions.”

“But if you go to Artevelde microbrewery on the Botermarkt, they will show you how to do the city walk using your telephone.”

Artevelde City walk, the brewer with stories

  • Interactive walk, listen and view with your smartphone.
  • Start and end: Artevelde microbrewery, Botermarkt, Ghent
  • Duration: ± 2 hours
  • And if you answer all the questions during the walk? Enjoy a free Artevelde beer on arrival.