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Life wisdoms and sayings of the people of Ghent and welcome visitors

Why are Artevelde Gentse Wijze and Artevelde Gentse Leute beers considered to be Ghent’s city beers? And what do the people of Ghent and others think of our beers? We let them have their say here, and they don’t mince their words. They are real astrants, vrankegoards and frankegoards.

“A colourful person of Ghent? It’s dyed in the wool.”
Frieda, Rabot (Ghent)
“Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom. At least if you already know that.”
Daniel, Moscow (Ghent)
“Those who want to stay in control should not lose the thread.”
Jimmy, Muide (Ghent)

Send us your life wisdom or typical Ghent saying. Who knows, we may even post it here soon. Buzze geeve! [Quick as you like!]

Tes de momeint [We’ve got time]

Send us your Ghent-inspired wisdom in black and white. You never know – it may even adorn an Artevelde bottle or beer mat! What are you waiting for? Let it come veuruit goan gelaak buuneknupe [at your own pace].